#HASHTAGNAVIGATION. A guide to the 2017 programme

During the planning of the programme, without a single, overarching theme that binds every individual production or program point into a suffocatingly-narrow corset, and creates connections where there are none, thematic threads develop by themselves—cross-connections, and substantive and aesthetic affinities. These threads are presented in this book, as well as on our website, in the form of hashtags; they highlight cross-divisional systems of reference through the programme. Sometimes these paths intersect, sometimes they move away from each other. We cordially invite you to use these signposts in your interest. And please do not forget: It is impossible to walk straight through a forest. And those who get lost usually find something new.


The combination of art and social action in public space, useful art, the politicisation of art, art as camouflage, as a vehicle, art as an active strategy of protest or mediation – as diverse as the definitions of artivism and its practices are, they’re united by the hope of having a direct impact on society.
And, as much today as ever, the crises of the world are crying out for engagement.


The 21st century will be the century of migrants. Today there are over a billion migrants; never before in the history of mankind have so many people gone on the road and settled elsewhere, whether voluntarily or forcibly. Population growth, demographic change, global capitalism, climate change, economic crises and military conflicts: the causes are manifold. In this way, the migrant becomes the central political figure of this century; this demands a fundamental rethinking of obsolete conceptions of our concepts of democracy, nation, and identity.


Between margin and centre, subculture and mainstream, between provocative self-empowerment and capitalist appropriation: the system of Pop has many faces, but certainly not a single, clear one like its distant relative, the evil Uncle Populism. Against monolithic definitions, and for a multiplicity of signs and systems. Always keep the big picture in mind. A delusion of grandeur is good for the soul. It's magic!


We encounter rituals in religion, in everyday life, and in art; in politics and the media. Rituals provide structure, create security, and are part of our communication. Without the sedative power of the ritual, we cannot comprehend the environment – without repetitions, we cannot perceive deviations.

(solidarity, not pity)

Solidarity is not to be negotiated, it is practiced.

Whereas pity is a systemic principle, unquestioned, practiced as a gesture within existing power relations, real solidarity means the sincere willingness to change. Empathy now!


Sometimes listening is better than talking. Talk is silver, silence is golden. And thinking out loud together is platinum.


We celebrate the festivals as they fall on the calendar. And a lot of them fall on the calendar.

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