Sarah Vanhee undercurrents

© Britt Hatzius

»Every sound we make is a bit of autobiography. It has a totally private interior yet its trajectory is public. A piece of inside projected to the outside.« Anne Carson.
In 2013, the Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee started to investigate the scream in its aesthetic and political potential. This ongoing research has led to several expressions, formats and frameworks in which she creates the possibility for people to scream. Understanding that every person screams from a different place, she developed various techniques and methodologies to include those who have never screamed before, insisting on screaming as a basic right and democratic tool. For their opening weekend, the Wiener Festwochen invited Vanhee to create a work with local inhabitants of Donaustadt, each of whom has their own singular motivation to scream and their idiosyncratic way of doing so. This “screamscape” allows the listeners to momentarily sink under society’s surface and creates a connection with a wider and wilder sense of being.